30 Day Flat Tummy Challenge
30 Day Flat Tummy Challenge
30 Day Flat Tummy Challenge
30 Day Flat Tummy Challenge

30 Day Flat Tummy Challenge

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This Flat Tummy Challenge is exactly what you need to get rid of unwanted body fat and achieve that flat tummy. With my program we will be combining my knowledge, methods, and proven structure Ive developed over years of training and studying to help you obtain the body you've always wanted. My main goal as a trainer is to ensure we obtain your goals and be there with you every step of the way.

This program includes the following:

  • 5x a Week Abs and Glute Focused Program
  • Follow Along Step by Step Exercise Routines
  • Follow along HIIT Cardio Workouts
  • Custom Diet Plan (that explains exactly what to eat based on foods you do and don't like and goals)
  • Supplement Plan/Advice
  • Weekly Progress Checkins to Monitor Your Results Closely
  • 24/7 Customer Service for Q&A Through My Mobile App

My 30 Day Flat Tummy Challenge is managed through an app platform that is easy to follow and communicate with me. Access to the app platform and program is only available for the 30 days once the program has been started. You will recievce a pdf copy of the Flat Tummy Challenge so you can keep it forever and continue to follow the program past the first 30 days. 

What steps need to be taken?

  1. Complete the purchase of my Flat Tummy Challenge
  2. An automated email will be sent to you containing the link to the app and program questionnaire 
  3. Complete questionnaire, create a login for the app, upload starting progress photos to app.
  4. Once I receive  your questionnaire and photos I will customize your meal plan
  5. Once complete we review program together and conduct a Q&A
  6. We start the program and you transform!



All sales are final. Once your plan has been created there is no refund.